About Us

Welcome to 7 Luxe Boutique!


Before I get into the "About Us", I thought I should share a fun fact! If you are wondering why 7 and what does the number 7 have to do with fashion, it's okay, my family asked the same thing, so I'll explain. The number 7 represents completion. Completion is the feeling I desire every woman to feel who visits our site, purchases our merchandise, and wear our clothing! And of course I desire to give every woman Luxurious fashions that completes your personality and style. Welcome to 7 Luxe Boutique!


About Us:

Fashion has always been my happy place! A good day becomes better with a great piece! A bad day becomes great with a great sale! A "Me Day" are the best when I can cruise online or my local shops and pick up some great buys! Who can relate!?  I simply can't help my passion for fashion, I get it from my mama! 


7 Luxe is created with every woman in mind. The 7 Luxe Mission is to inspire, invigorate, and ignite the inner style of all women beyond fashion limits. My goal is to create more than just another online shop, but a fashion-forward destination that is inclusive of all women and fashion genres. I believe that fashion is never one dimensional, never basic, and never boring. Fashion is versatile, unique, art, and how we express ourselves without having to say one word!  From trendy, too chic, tomboy, sexy, modern, and vintage, 7 Luxe fuses all styles that fashion has to offer.   


Shopping for date night, got you covered! Shopping for Sunday Funday, got you covered! Shopping for a play date with the kids, got you covered! No matter the occasion, if you are daring, fashion-forward, a risk taker,  and ready to take your style to the next level,  the perfect piece is here and available for you!


Thank You For Being the Best Part of 7 Luxe!