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Written by Ashanta Green


Posted on February 26 2020

Between balancing career, family, and time for ourselves, stepping out the door in style can easily become a daunting task...but it's not! Here are some simple fashion tips for all of my Luxe Ladies to unlock your next level of style.

1) PLAN IT OUT - Of course, you can't plan for everything, but just as you plan your weekly task, give outfit planning a shot to make getting dressed as simple and stylish as possible.

2) EXPLORE "STYLISH" INSPIRATION - There is nothing wrong with a little inspiration, we all need daily inspiration. Style is no different! Seek out fashionistas whose style inspires you and use that inspiration to motivate you with your outfit planning.

3) WHEN IN DOUBT, OVERDRESS - Did you say overdress? Yes, why not!? Consider your destination and who will see. When in doubt, err on the side of being more dressy. If you're worried that you may be to over the top, add your denim or cargo jacket to give your outfit a chic look.

4) STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE - Great things happen outside of the comfort zone, so Step Out! It's nothing wrong with trying something new. If that means adding a pop of color to your neutral tones or trading in your skinny jeans for a boyfriend fit, great style sparks from trying new things.

5) ALWAYS ACCESSORIZE - Never leave home without them! If it's a statement necklace, a pop-color clutch, or a cute pair of earrings, accessories can take your outfit from simple to a stand-out look in just seconds.

6) OWN AT LEAST ONE STATEMENT PIECE - Every now and again you have to give that WOW factor. This could be an amazing shoe, a vintage dress that turns heads, or a handbag like no other, keep something in your fashion portfolio that is a conversation starter.

7) GET TO KNOW YOUR BODY SHAPE - We are all unique and knowing what makes us unique is knowing what makes us stylish. Fit First. With that being said, getting to know your right fit is key. Build your wardrobe with clothes that will flatter your shape and favorite features.

8) AGE IS JUST A NUMBER - When it comes to style AGE IS JUST A NUMBER! If there is a trendy, stylish, rocking piece that catches your eye Try It! There are no age restrictions, too old, too young rules when it comes to style. This is what makes fashion fun! 



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